Pokémon GO is Back!

July 24, 2018

Traffic and Safety – Viva CalleSJ transforms streets into one of San José’s large parks for you to enjoy. The program provides you the chance to ride, skate, walk, or play in one of our city’s largest open spaces. To make sure everyone one stays safe, we ask that Pokémon GO Trainers please:

  • Keep an eye on your children! Fast moving bicycles can be a potential hazard, please make sure children stay with parents or guardians.

  • Viva CalleSJ is a shared space, please be aware of those around you. If you are walking, please keep close to the sidewalk and reserve the center of the road for faster moving traffic.

  • Your safety is our concern! Follow all directions from event staff, volunteers, and San Jose Police.

  • Please remember, only the designated Viva CalleSJ event route will be closed to vehicles.

Pokémon GO Integration

  • Give back and help us help some of San Jose’s most vulnerable residents! Enter our giveaway and your chance to win a tour of Niantic’s San Francisco Office by bringing a donation of socks, undergarments, backpacks, feminine hygiene products, or diapers to be collected by City of San José’s Housing Department and their non-profit partners.
    • Donation collections locations will be at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and Martial Cottle Park.
    • Please note, only new and sealed donations will be accepted.
    • Trainers will receive one giveaway ticket for each individual item/package donated.
    • The first 2000 trainers to donate an item at each location receive a unique Pokémon GO poster. Supplies are limited and first come first serve.
  • The Pokémon GO integration will take place along the Viva CalleSJ route. This year, activities will be located at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and Martial Cottle Park.

  • This event will feature PokéStops and Gyms along the route, in addition to the ones placed at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and Martial Cottle Park for Viva CalleSJ. Many of these PokéStops will have Lure Modules placed on them for the duration of the event.

  • More Pokémon may appear across the 6-mile area of the Viva CalleSJ route. Participants are not required to travel the entire length of the event and can enjoy the Pokémon GO experience at any point along the route.

  • Join us online and share your experience using #VivaCalleSJ, #VivaCalleSJ2018 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Event Information

  • The Viva CalleSJ event is hosted by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services. From more event information, please visit www.vivacallesj.org.

  • Viva CalleSJ a free program, open to people of all ages and abilities. No tickets or registration are required.

  • The official event date and time is Sunday, September 23, 2018 from 10:00am – 3:00 pm.

  • This year’s event will span over 6 miles of San Jose’s streets, connecting communities from San José’s Downtown to Martial Cottle Park in the city’s Southside.

  • ONLY non-motorized forms of transportation are welcome (bicycles, scooters, skateboards etc.). Please note, people who use adaptive transportation options (i.e. wheelchairs, powered mobility chairs) are exempt.

  • While attending the event, always be aware of your surroundings. Follow local laws and be respectful other trainers, event attendees, volunteers, city staff, and police. We are all human!


  • Parking will be impacted due to road closures along the route. We encourage you to take VTA or public transportation when possible. Additionally, you can find information for parking downtown at www.parksj.org.

Public Restrooms and Water

  • Hydration stations and restroom facilities are available at all Activity Hubs along the route.