Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viva CalleSJ?
Viva CalleSJ is a free program that temporarily closes miles of San Jose streets to bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play, and explore the city like never before.

When will the Viva CalleSJ route go into effect?
Viva CalleSJ events open up San José streets to people during Sunday events. There are some important times to remember if you live or work along the route. Times are subject to change; please visit the Events page to learn about specific routes. Generally, these are the times to remember:

1:00 am: Cars parked on the street along the route will be towed.
6:00 am: Streets are closed to traffic. No entry or exit on the route.
10:00 am: Viva CalleSJ event officially begins.
3:00 pm: Viva CalleSJ event officially ends.
4:00 pm: Route re-opens to traffic and parking.

When will the Viva CalleSJ route re-open?
At 3:00 pm, after the Viva CalleSJ event, the roads begin re-opening to cars and are fully open by approximately 4:00 pm.

Are there bathrooms along the route?
Yes. There will be portable toilets, including ADA accessible ones, along the Viva CalleSJ route and at Activity Hubs.

Where can I find water along the route?
Free water will be available at hydration stations at Activity Hubs along the route. We recommend bringing your own water bottle to fill up.

Is the Viva CalleSJ route always the same?
No. The Viva CalleSJ route will change with each event in order to engage all of San José’s communities and explore all of the city’s gems.

Is this a race?
No. There is no “start” or “finish” on a Viva CalleSJ route. The streets are wide open to allow participants to enjoy the space as they see fit. Participants should plan for a leisurely day of riding, skating, jogging, or playing. Be patient with those around you and the speeds at which they are traveling. Never pass on the right, only on the left.

Can I ride my skateboard on the route?
Yes. Skateboards, roller skates, unicycles, pogo sticks, all kinds of bicycles, and any other means of transportation without a motor are allowed. Officially marked means of transport for those with disabilities are also allowed. Ride with care – you should never ride at high speeds or engage in behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

I don't have a bike. Can I still enjoy Viva CalleSJ?
Absolutely! At Viva CalleSJ people can run, walk dogs, rollerblade, gather to picnic, enjoy live entertainment and pop-up activities, shop at local stores, and dine at local restaurants!

There are lots of activities along the route that don’t require a bike, especially in our Activity Hubs. Come as you are and join the fun!

Will there be places for me to lock up my bike?
Yes. Monitored bike parking will be available at Activity Hubs. However, it is highly recommended that you bring your own lock.