Viva CalleSJ Brings San Jose Together, Promotes Exercise, Supports Local Businesses

January 12, 2017

For a second year in a row, Viva CalleSJ has proven to be a program that brings San José’s diverse communities together, gets people out and exercising, and supports local businesses.

The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), based at San José State University, recently released their report of the survey of Viva CalleSJ 2016 participants they conducted. This was the second year in a row that they graciously offered their expertise and services with the City of San José.

Below are some of the important findings from the report, which can be read here:

Viva CalleSJ attendees reflect San José’s diversity:

“The respondents were evenly balanced between men and women, and approximately one-half were between the ages of 25 and 44. In terms of race and ethnicity, 43% were white, 30% were Hispanic, and 22% were Asian.”

Viva CalleSJ’s success is thanks to your efforts to invite your community:

“Respondents learned about the event in a variety of ways. The most common response was that they learned through word of mouth (41%), social media (33%), and/or from flyers/posters (20%).”

Most of you arrived by bike!

“The most popular way to access the event was by bicycle (51%), although almost one-third of respondents came by motorized vehicle.”

Vive CalleSJ promotes healthy living, alternative forms of transportation, and celebration of local artists:

“Almost three-quarters of participants estimated that they got more than 60 minutes of physical activity at the event. While at Viva CalleSJ, 65% of respondents bicycled the route, and 37% walked or jogged. Of the organized activities available, the most popular was watching entertainment (65%), although more than one-half visited the resource tables (54%), and one-quarter participated in organized physical activities such as hula hoops and yoga.”

Viva CalleSJ supports local businesses:

Most respondents expected to spend some money while at the event, with 39% expecting to spend more than $20. Looking at what kind of purchases respondents had already made at the time they were surveyed… 35% percent had purchased something from a food truck, 24% had eaten at restaurants along the route, 21% had bought something from a store along the route, and 10% had made a purchase at the SJMADE Marketplace at Arena Green.

As the MTI mentions, “While the survey findings cannot be assumed to reflect the experience of all participants…the relatively large number of responses from a diverse set of people makes it likely that the findings reflect the larger population of event attendees.

Thank you, MTI for your continual support of Viva CalleSJ! The results of this survey will help guide the City of San José in ensuring future Viva CalleSJ programs are a success, and to help with their work in getting the investment needed to make regular Viva CalleSJ programs a reality.

We welcome all feedback that can ensure future Viva CalleSJ programming is a success. If you have anything you’d like to share about what you liked best about this year’s Viva CalleSJ, or ways that we can improve, please share them using the comments box below.

Interested in getting involved with future Viva CalleSJ programming, whether as an individual or organization? Please contact Brian Clampitt at