Have A Mobility Impairment Or Disability? Viva CalleSJ closes streets to cars and opens them up to EVERYONE! We welcome and encourage those with wheelchairs, disability scooters, and other forms of handicapped transportation to participate. Remember, please stay to the right of faster traffic in order to avoid a safety hazard for yourself and those around you!

The only motorized forms of transportation allowed on the route for the day are motorized chairs, scooters or e-bikes with handicapped placards. Please note: if your motorized form of transportation required registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles, it is not allowed on the Viva CalleSJ route.

Safety Recommendations for Parents of children with special needs
Days leading to the Viva Calle
  • Set up for success
    • Review safety expectations with your child.
    • Remind them there will be crowds and they must stay close to you at all times.
    • Download and read “Viva Calle SJ: A Story Guide” to your child
  • Practice what your child should do if become separated.
    • Decide on a meeting location
    • Encourage them to stay on the route
    • Remind them to seek a staff or volunteer for help

Day of Viva Calle
  • Take a picture of child on your cell phone the morning of the event so you can use it to help others identify your child in case of an emergency. 
  • Pick up a “telephone wristband” from our hubs. Write down a number we can reach you in case your child becomes lost and is found by a staff or volunteer.
  • For those individuals with sensory processing issues please visit the Sensory Tent located on Cotton Grove Ave and Monterey Rd. 
  • If your child is lost call 911 and connect with staff so they can help initiate emergency response

For Families of Children with Autism

Visit our Therapeutic Team

The All Access Sports and Recreation team which offers programs for individuals of all ages with all ability levels, including those with ambulatory and cognitive disabilities and the Grace Art & Wellness Program which serves adults with mental illness will be present at Viva Calle on the corner if Cotton Grove Ave and Monterey Rd near the Hydration Station.

We will be offering:
  • Sensory Tent
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Art Activity
For more information about All Access Sports and Recreation and the programs we offer please visit us at